Announcing Free Password Management for Teams

July 28, 2020

Starting in August, TechAdvisors will begin including MyGlue, a powerful password management tool for business teams, at no cost for all clients with monthly service agreements. Any clients who already use MyGlue through TechAdvisors will continue to receive the service but will no longer be charged.

MyGlue is a powerful password manager that allows members of your team to securely store and manage their passwords. What makes MyGlue unique is its ability to securely share passwords with other members of a team who also need access to a set of login credentials as part of their roles. This could include members of the same department, IT staff or IT service providers.

For example, suppose your company’s purchasing team frequently places orders with Amazon® using a single account. Rather than passing post-it notes around with the login credentials or having a shared document that could be accessed by unauthorized personnel, MyGlue’s password manager will give access to the login credentials to each authorized team member. If the password changes, each team member will be updated. Or if the person who created the account leaves the company, the password can be easily updated and shared with the appropriate team members automatically. It’s a more convenient, more secure way to manage multiple company passwords.

MyGlue can also give team members shared access to company process and procedures documentation, so that every person following guidelines and working with efficiency.

Contact TechAdvisors today to add MyGlue to your agreement for free or to continue using the MyGlue service, but at no cost.