Cybersecurity Plans and Why You Need One

August 27, 2021

The nightly news is filled with cautionary tales of organizations whose critical data has been hacked and held for ransom by digital pirates. Earlier this month, data carrier T-Mobile was hacked and lost sensitive customer data…for the second time. If large, global organizations are at risk, what’s a small business to do?


Craft a Cybersecurity Plan


A cybersecurity plan is a written document containing information about an organization’s security policies, procedures, and countermeasures. The objective of this plan is to ensure the integrity of operations and security of your company’s assets. TechAdvisors can help guide and train your organization through defensive measures to prepare you in the event of malware.


How to Craft a Plan


  1. Identify Key Assets and Threats
  2. Prioritize Assets, Risks, and Threats
  3. Set Achievable Goals

Crafting new, strategic cyber processes can be daunting, but the team at TechAdvisors can assist. We will review your existing infrastructure and meet with you to review our findings. With data in hand, we will make recommendations for how best to protect your data and critical systems. Once an agreed strategy has been reached, we will install any necessary upgrades, train your employees, and test the system.


You’re Not Alone! Let the experts at TechAdvisors help you prepare for the worst so you can be your best.