Dark Web Monitoring

August 27, 2020

We’ve Just Added a NEW Internet Security Package

The biggest, most catastrophic data breaches almost always start with a very small data breach, a single compromised password. But what you may not know is that, often, the hacker who phishes a password is not the hacker who performs the larger breach. Rather, hacked passwords are often sold on Dark Web marketplaces to other hackers who undertake the bigger (and more profitable) task of mining your company’s sensitive data. That means that the person who steals your employee’s password may not be the one who steals your company’s data. And, believe it or not, that can be a good thing for you.

Here’s why. If login credentials are bought and sold on the Dark Web, there has to be a list. Hackers can’t buy what they can’t browse. That means, if you can scan and catalog Dark Web marketplaces in real time, you can spot if the credentials from one of your team members goes up for sale. And that’s where our new Internet Security Package, a new service only available to TechAdvisors’ monthly service plan clients, can save the day.

Dark Web ID does real-time scanning of all known password marketplaces, looking for any credential linked to one of your employees or to your company. If a member of your team’s password is compromised, you’re alerted immediately so that the password can be changed before another hacker can breach your data. It’s an effective way to head hackers off at the pass and protect your company’s and your customer’s sensitive information. But Dark Web ID shouldn’t be your first line of defense.

As reassuring as a tool like Dark Web ID™ may be, prevention is still the most effective way to avoid catastrophe, and that’s where a second tool comes in: BullPhish ID. BullPhish ID is a security training tool that combines training with simulated phishing attacks against your employees to help keep your team member’s skills sharp. It conditions and equips your team to use online tools with healthy suspicion and trains them to spot many types of phishing attacks.

When combined, Dark Web ID and BullPhish form a multi-tier defense strategy to protect your company’s valuable data. Call today to add this new Internet Security Package to your monthly service plan.