Protect Your Documents, Reputation and Bank Accounts

May 28, 2020

Protect yourself!

In today’s digital age, and especially during a worldwide pandemic, it’s crucial businesses enable employees to work from anywhere, on any device.  

The risks involved in remote employees sharing files are real.
If files are shared with the wrong person or someone makes a file public on accident, it can result in huge financial loss, company reputation damage, and even lawsuits. 

Datto Workplace is a file sync and share service which allows businesses to safely access, share and collaborate on files.

Major Benefits
• Security
• Mobility
• Control
• Cost Savings

An established service, with over ten years of experience in the market, Workplace is supported by most major operating systems. It eliminates the need for other expensive tools like VPN and FTP for productivity.

It’s simple, hassle-free, and allows secure collaboration with your other business tools like Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite. Administrators can manage Workplace with very little effort and grant employees access to data with various permissions. 

Available 24/7, Workplace keeps your business data safe. It’s encrypted in transit and at rest. Deleted files can be recovered or reverted to a previous version for up to 180 days. You’ll also get customized reports about changes, plus continuous ransomware attack monitoring and detection.

Secure your shared files TODAY Contact TechAdvisors now!  We’ll help you minimize potential risks, protect your files & reputation, and save you money.