Reader BEWARE: Five IT Horror Stories

June 29, 2020

If you’re looking for some relaxing reading to soothe your insomnia, click away. For business owners, stories like these are the stuff nightmares are made of. But then, a little well-placed adrenaline sometimes gets us to take action that’s long overdue. So read on with the lights on, and maybe even learn from these companies sufferings – perhaps you can avoid some of your own.

American Airlines gets grounded for under-resourced IT

In the summer of 2015, Amercian Airlines had to delay 800 American flights and cancel 59 others. The cause: a single network component failure at a single location. Think it’s safe to skimp on a durable IT network? Think again.

Screwfix loses its shirt in the deal of the century

A glitch in the ecommerce management system for Screwfix, a UK home improvement retailer, changed every item’s price online to £34.99. Of course, in the age of Twitter, word of the website’s deals spread like wildfire. The site was able to stop the bleeding within two hours, but not before thousands of high-dollar purchases were made, including riding lawn mowers, for £34.99.

Gitlab’s service outage causes customers to lose project data

GitLab, a service provider to software developers, experienced a major service outage that caused unrecoverable data loss that affected 5,000 customer projects stored on GitLab’s servers. Turns out, even software companies can benefit from a little extra help keeping their systems updated and working smoothly.

Nike loses $100 million from a supply chain software glitch

What happens when you trust a core component of your business to software on autopilot, without a human at the helm? Answer: computers show their limitations in, sometimes, dramatic ways. It’s why even the smartest network still needs the personal touch.

Nissan’s national central nervous system down for four days due to power outage

A power outage at a Denver data center brought Nissan’s U.S operations at dealerships and factories to a standstill. With no clear disaster response plan and, apparently, no offsite backups, it was like Nissan’s check engine light had been on for years. It was only a matter of time before they found themselves on the shoulder with their hazards on.

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