Secure Your Cloud

March 27, 2020

Securing Your Cloud Data
As a business owner or operator, do you know how secure your cloud data is? Or what are potential risks? Do you protect critical information and train employees to identify scams?

One major threat to businesses today is ransomware.
It’s malicious software that infects computers and network files and renders them useless. It scrambles software and encrypts files so that you no longer have access.

The damage usually begins as a spear-phishing attack when a cybercriminal sends an email to one of your employees. They unknowingly click an email link or open an attachment that looks legitimate. Then, they inadvertently give the crook access with permissions.

In cloud-based software systems like Office 365 and GSuite, if a criminal enables Ransomcloud the hacker gains total access and control of business contacts, emails, calendars, internal chat, etc. He can even communicate with your contacts as if he were you. 

Users can no longer access their email or files, and shortly, they’re notified by email the only way to gain access to their computer or network is to pay a ransom to a criminal.  

Scary right?!

Here’s the solution to protect your business.
TechAdvisor’s Datto Saas Protection enables companies to quickly recover data accidentally deleted or intentionally stolen by a hacker or ransomware. It saves money and avoids downtime from data loss with quick and seamless restores and exports.

Datto is easy to use and takes only minutes to set up. It’s secure and backups are automatically performed three times a day per user. You’ll never have to worry about losing your Saas data again! Spend more time on your business and less time managing backups.

If you have a cloud-based business and use Outlook 365 or GSuite, protect your data against unexpected loss. Don’t lose critical business information or leave your business vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Take control. Save time and money. Get Datto Saas Protection for application backups, speedy data recovery and security for compliance & regulatory needs.

TechAdvisors team is trained to recover data quickly after a cyber attack without reinfecting the entire system. We back up business data locally and in the cloud, train employees so they don’t fall for phishing scams, use tools to detect malware and ensure our customers have anti-virus software to protect against ransoms. 

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