Stop Wasting Time Hunting for Passwords

April 24, 2020

Stop wasting time hunting for passwords and do this instead!

Every business owner wants to save time and increase efficiency, but when employees spend valuable time searching for lost passwords, documents, and emails, productive work time is wasted and dollars are lost. 
Think about your day. Are you and your staff wasting an hour a day or longer asking and searching for information?

MyGlue provides secure storage, access, and sharing of team-based passwords and important documents in one central location. So, there’s no more forgotten passwords, stacks of sticky notes, combing through file folders, emails, or sharing in unsecured emails. 

This easy-to-use platform allows access to passwords and documents from a web app, on the go with a mobile app, and from any webpage using a Chrome Extension. When you log in to MyGlue’s secure interface, you’ll have access to live, up-to-date passwords and documents including information with version history.
Other benefits include:

  • Document & secure standard operating procedures
  • One-click to reference processes, passwords, and documents 
  • Access MyGlue with the Chrome Extension and never leave a webpage
  • Speed up repetitive business processes
  • A permanent audit trail
  • All information kept live and current
  • Impenetrable security
  • Custom designed document templates available  

Empower your team. Make your digital life more efficient, secure, and collaborative. 

MyGlue improves productivity, frees mind space, reduces chaos, and streamlines business processes. Get started today!

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