We now offer small and micro business support packages.

November 30, 2020

We now offer small business support packages for even the smallest small business.
We know that not every organization has hundreds of employees and we want to support you where you are, so we’ve put together a special support program with small and micro businesses in mind.

Our all-inclusive support packages include: 

  • Remote and On-Site Break Fix Support 
  • Pro-active Management of Devices 
  • Data Backup 
  • Malware and Virus Protection 
  • Content Filtering on the Web 
  • Spam Filtering 
  • Office 365 email (includes a shared calendar and access from all devices) 
  • Device Anti-virus 


We know that technology can be your biggest asset or your biggest headache. Let the experts at TechAdvisors keep your business operations running smoothly while protecting you from cyberattack and malware. The TechAdvisors team is able to work with anyone in your organization, functioning as your own in-house, hired guru, without employee-related overhead costs. Our help desk wait time is usually less than one minute and our engineers are able to fix 90% of our client issues remotely, and in mere moments! 
Contact or call(937) 340-1863 for more information.