We’ve upgraded our systems!

February 24, 2021

New upgrades mean new perks for our clients.
Our new system will allow clients to do the following:

  • More automation to assist in streamlining projects
  • Better system management for our managed clients
  • Better quality reporting
  • Help us deliver more, consistent, and better service to our customers
  • Improved purchase tracking
  • Enhanced invoicing
  • Faster Support times

Watch for updated billing.Monthly services will now be invoiced the first of the month. If you normally receive an invoice mid- to late-month, you’ll need to watch for an earlier invoice. You may notice a pro-rated invoice as this switch is made.
We are excited to share these new features with each of our clients. If you are not presently a monthly client, give us a call! We would love to show you how TechAdvisors can function as your own, in-house, hired tech guru, without employee-related overhead costs. Our help desk wait time is usually less than one minute and our engineers are able to fix 90% of our client issues remotely, and in mere moments! 
We know that technology can be your biggest asset or your biggest headache. Contact or call(937) 340-1863 for more information.