What the Heck is an MSP?!

April 29, 2021

MSP is short for “managed service provider,” and is a company that provides outsourced IT solutions. While not all MSPs offer the same services, some general areas of assistance we at TechAdvisors cover include:

• General IT support services (for fixing hardware and software issues when something goes wrong.)
• Data backup and disaster recovery.
• Networking infrastructure setup and management.
• Managed communications, which means providing services like email, telephone networks, and so on.
• Cybersecurity, or Security-as-a-Service.
• Auditing and compliance (for instance, HIPAA or ITAR compliance).
• Data analysis and reporting.
• Cloud computing setup and management.
The value of having an MSP is that we provide clients with comprehensive IT solutions. Once a service contract has been signed, there is no need for a client to purchase, set up, or manage their hardware or software.
A second key benefit of having a contract with an MSP is that we are proactive on an ongoing basis. Unlike a break-fix model, where companies seek outsourced IT help only when something goes wrong, with a TechAdvisors’ MSP service contract, downtime can be avoided through constant, proactive maintenance and updates.

Why do I need an MSP?
MSPs cater to the needs of small and medium businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees. Typically, organizations of this size are too small to maintain internal IT departments or, if they do have internal IT staff, they lack the capacity to run a complete IT team that is large enough, and diverse enough in its skill sets, to support the company’s complete IT needs.

This is where TechAdvisors truly excels.
We are able to meet our clients where they are with full-service MSP services and affordable pricing. Whether we are your only IT department or we are supplementing an internal team, we can limit your downtime and set your organization up for future growth and success.

How can an MSP help me?
Schedule a free meeting to discuss how TechAdvisors can help your organization with proactively managed IT services.