World-Wide Microchip Shortage

May 27, 2021

Globally, we’ve run into a shortage of microchips. As technology has progressed to the point of “smart” everything (phones, cars, digital assistants, and home appliances), manufacturers of those items have found themselves with a shortage of the essential building block for their products: semiconductors. The increase in demand, along with production limitations and a trade war, has created chip shortage that could last two years.

Why You Need to Know
Due to this shortage, prices for items that depend on built-in electronics have increased, and unfortunately, many items are back-ordered to the point they are difficult to purchase, if retailers are even allowing purchases at all.

Keeping these purchasing difficulties in mind, we are recommending regular, coordinated maintenance programs to extend the life of your existing hardware and server systems. Through planned maintenance, we are able to troubleshoot potential life-ending issues for your hardware and keep your organization running smoothly until the global supply chains are again able to meet the demand.

If your systems are unable to ride out the shortage, TechAdvisors can help. Thanks to our partnerships with several large, global suppliers, we’re often able to find parts unavailable to the general public.

Because we value our relationships with our clients, we are currently offering a free system check-up to new clients who sign up for our monthly monitoring services. Let us help you! The last thing we want is for anyone to lose sales over an avoidable tech problem.

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